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Quality Meth Lab Cleanup Testing and Decontamination Services

Meth Lab Cleanup Company has been providing clandestine drug lab assessment and decontamination services to individuals and organizations for over a decade. Many are repeat clients that have come to rely on Meth Lab Cleanup for all their indoor environmental needs. With unparalleled service standards, experienced, well-trained technicians, a reputation for integrity and a commitment to earning the trust of every customer, it is no surprise that Meth Lab Cleanup Company is the go-to industry leader.

Meth Test Kits; Affordable and Easy to Use

Meth Lab Cleanup's extensive experience in clandestine drug lab assessment and decontamination sets us apart from other contractors. Our superior meth test product development is the result of continuous innovation and effective field application. We fully understand the cause and effect of meth use and production. We offer a complete suite of both on-site and laboratory analyzed meth test kits. Meth Lab Cleanup Company's meth testing products have been validated by both independent laboratories and field application.

Online Meth Lab Cleanup and Certified Classroom Training

Choose traditional clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination classroom training, recognized throughout the United States or convenient, certified online training courses. We will come to you or you can learn virtually, Meth Lab Cleanup Company offers both. Our instructors are field experienced and nationally recognized. Our on-line training is comprehensive, easy to navigate and affordable.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company & AccuMeth® - We Will Transcend Your Expectations

Clandestine Drug Lab Decontamination

Meth Lab Cleanup Company & AccuMeth® offer comprehensive, professional clandestine drub lab remediation services including training, site assessment, consultation, decontamination and/or demolition and waste disposal. MLCC also offers accredited expert witness testimony. Our decontamination process has been field refined for over a decade by management and certified technicians. We do not claim to neutralize meth and production residue, we remove it, safely and effectively. Our detergents are earth kind and our wash water effluent is nonhazardous, safe for sewer and septic disposal. Our meth test kits, AccuMeth® brand and MethAssure® are the most affordable and accurate on the market. AccuMeth® was two years in development; validated by field testing and three independent laboratories. AccuMeth® meth test results can be visually read onsite or snap the cassette into the Black Box Reader® and get a digital reading that can be downloaded into a computer. There is no other meth test device like Black Box Reader® on the market. It is clearly revolutionary. MethAssure® is laboratory analyzed by the best independent meth analysis laboratory in the nation; SAMSHA and EPA accredited.

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Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup

Meth Lab Cleanup & AccuMeth® offer crime, suicide, homicide, accidental and unattended death scene decontamination. We work quickly and discretely to minimize additional trauma and turn your life and home back to order. It is unfortunate that death and violent crimes are part of our society. When you are faced with a difficult situation following a suicide or death, it is important to take the right actions for your safety and the safety of others. Trauma scenes typically involve biohazardous materials such as bodily fluids, that can spread infectious diseases if they are not handled properly. Meth Lab Cleanup Company technicians are certified, experienced and OSHA compliant and will take the necessary precautions to clean and disinfect each site so that it is safely restored. Meth Lab Cleanup management and staff handles each biohazard cleaning project with extreme professionalism and compassion to help ease the stress that surrounds the victim’s family.

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Environmental Services

Meth Lab Cleanup & AccuMeth® provide environmental solutions that are practical, technically sound and designed to work. Additional services include: mold remediation, grow lab remediation, hazardous material removal, mercury and oil spill cleanup, contaminated drywall removal/decontamination and expert witness testimony. Handling chemicals and biohazard materials is dangerous and highly regulated. There is potential for exposure to toxic chemicals and blood-borne pathogens by untrained individuals. The risks are significant enough that the U.S. government has established legislation on chemical and biohazard cleanups. MLCC technicians that come in contact with chemicals or pathogenic materials are highly trained and certified. In addition, Meth Lab Cleanup Company adheres to local, state federal and OSHA guidelines in our protocols for the removal and disposal of chemical and biohazardous waste products in both liquid and solid form. The protocols followed for disposal include specific methods of incineration, recycling, special treatments or transportation to landfills to ensure environmental safety.

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Meth Lab Cleanup Company's Reliable Meth Residue Testing Products

Meth Lab Cleanup Company began developing methamphetamine residue testing products in early 2012.  The on-site meth testing product available at the time had to be disposed of as hazardous waste.  Our objective was to develop an affordable, accurate, on-site meth testing kit that could be disposed of without special handling.  AccuMeth® was two years in development, then underwent several successful validation exercises to include independent laboratory and field testing. 

AccuMeth®; On-site/Immediate Meth Test - Sample 1 Area;
0.1 ug/100cm2 target
MethAssure®; Laboratory Analyzed Meth Test - Sample 4 Areas; <0.02 ug/100cm2 target
Black Box
Black Box Reader®; Digital Meth Test - Perpetual Use with AccuMeth®;
+-50ng of target