We Offer On-site/Immediate and Laboratory Analyzed Meth Testing Products

Onsite/Immediate Meth Test Kits

Need to know if meth residue is present?  Quickly and reliably measure meth residue on surfaces. Detect meth residue levels immediately; as low as 0.1 µg/100cm2 with AccuMeth®, Meth Lab Cleanup’s immunoassay semi-quantitative home meth test kits. The kits are extremely sensitive and will detect meth at levels recognized by a majority of state's legal standards. Both AccuMeth® and AccuMeth®4 have been independently validated by laboratory and field testing. Watch our videos: AccuMeth® and AccuMeth®4 Meth Test Kits.

Laboratory Analyzed Meth Test Kit

Meth Lab Cleanup Company also offers MethAssure®, an easy-to-use meth test kit in which the samples are analyzed by an independent certified laboratory. Know exactly how much methamphetamine residue is present, within days of taking the sample. Results come to your email within 2 -3 days of arriving at the laboratory.  Analyzed by an accredited laboratory; the best lab in the nation. Watch our video: MethAssure® Laboratory Analyzed Meth Test Kit.

Onside Digital Meth Residue Reader

Black Box Reader® is an electronic monitoring device developed for Meth Lab Cleanup Company for the measurement of methamphetamine residue using lateral-flow assay and digital line intensity reading. Black Box Reader® works with all AccuMeth®s ,  Meth Lab Cleanup’s meth testing cassettes to provide the numerical amount of meth in a sample; onside, immediately.  Watch our video: Black Box Reader® Digital Meth Test Device.

Meth Residue Testing for Homes, Outbuildings, Offices, Sheds, Storage Units, Garages, Schools . . .

Great for clandestine drug lab decon technicians, law enforcement, home buyers, landlords, child protective service and health department personnel, renters, home inspectors, industrial hygienists, remediators and realtors!

Easy to Use

Meth Lab Cleanup's testing products come with everything you need to perform meth residue testing. Do-it-yourself written and photo instructions and YouTube videos.

Validated Performance

Meth Lab Cleanup's AccuMeth® and Black Box Reader® meth testing kits and device have been validated by three independent laboratories and field testing.

Fast Delivery

Our meth test product orders are shipped USPS Flat Rate; arriving at destinations within 2 - 3 days of order. We also offer UPS overnight shipping.

Non Hazardous

Unlike our competitor's meth testing products which have to be disposed of as hazardous waste, our testing kits are nonhazardous and can be disposed of after use as household debris.

Works on Interior Surfaces

Our meth testing products are designed to work on non-porous interior surfaces such as cabinets, walls, uncarpeted floors, tubs, sinks, windows, doors, etc.

Great Support

Meth Lab Cleanup Company personnel are here to answer any questions. We can help identify your needs and communicate clearly what products will best suit you.

Our Meth Testing Products

No other meth test kits on the market compare to the price and precision of Meth Lab Cleanup's AccuMeth®, Meth Assure® kits and Black Box Reader® device. In fact, there is no other product on the market like the revolutionary Black Box Reader®. We know how hard it is to find quality and technical excellence you can depend on when you are concerned about your health or your assets. Congratulations, you found it!

meth test
AccuMeth® Onsite/Immediate Meth Test - Sample 1 Area;
0.1 ug100cm/2 target


meth test
AccuMeth®4 Onsite/Immediate Meth Test - Sample 4 Areas;
0.1 ug/100cm2 target


home meth test
AccuMeth® - 5-Pack Pack of 5 AccuMeth® kits - Sample 5 Areas;
0.1 ug/100cm2 target


home meth test
MethAssure® Laboratory Analyzed Meth Test - Sample 4 Areas;
<0.02 ug/100cm2 target


meth test
Black Box Reader® Digital Meth Residue Device - Perpetual Use;
+-50 ng of target


meth test
AccuMeth®5 Onsite/Immediate Meth Test - Sample 1 Area;
0.5 ug/100cm2 target


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Dedicated Support

There is a big difference between serving customers and providing customer service. As a leader in the clandestine drug lab decontamination and testing industry, Meth Lab Cleanup Company knows that difference. We strive to:

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Secure Payments

Meth Lab Cleanup Company's products are clearly described and priced on our centralized on-line store website, Meth Lab Cleanup Company - The Original. The site is easy to use! In addition, our on-line store's checkout process is McAffee® and GoDaddy™ Verified and Secured.

Check out our affordable prices

For less than $30, you can test your cold air return any other single surface where meth is known to concentrate, with AccuMeth®. For less than $40 you can test up to 4 spots in a suspect room or rooms with AccuMeth®4. Organizations with programs to test multiple housing units periodically, landlords with multiple units or conscientious motel owners - the Black Box Reader® is ideal. Legally document your sampling. NOW ON SALE! See our online store for additional products and bulk sale prices!



  • Sample 1 Area
  • Onsite/Immediate Results
  • Targets 0.1 ug/100 cm2 Standard
  • Easy to Use / Non Hazardous
  • Independently Validated
  • Instruction Video



    Sample 4 Areas
  • Onsite/Immediate Results
  • Targets 0.1 ug/100 cm2 Standard
  • Easy to Use / Non Hazardous
  • Independently Validated
  • Instructional Video



  • Sample 4 Areas
  • Easy to Use / Laboratory Analyzed
  • Results in 2 -3 Days
  • Detects to < 0.02 ug/100 cm2
  • Accredited Lab
  • Instructional Video



  • Onsite/Immediate Results
  • Targets 0.5 ug/100 cm2 Standard
  • Easy to Use / Non Hazardous
  • Independently Validated
  • Instructional Video

I suspected my renter was doing meth. I ordered an AccuMeth kit. It was easy to use and the results were clear. He is no longer in my rental.

Rick T., Illinois

I have been regularly testing our housing units. Not only have we rid our complex of trouble makers, it is good to know that our apartments are safe. I appreciate that there is a quick and cost-effective way to test for meth. Thank you.

Joe M., Nebraska

I was hesitant to buy a meth test kit online because you never know what you're getting. I reviewed the video before-hand. Not only did the sampling go as demonstrated, the results were easily understood. I hope I don't have to use one again, but if I do, I know which one to buy - AccuMeth.

Chester A., Tennessee